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Amplified Antenna


New member
Jun 17, 2024
Someone showed interest in knowing more about the amplified antenna I installed so thought I would do a short write up.
Sorry for the long post, I am not so good at condensing these things.
We live in the sticks so radio reception can be a little bit of a challenge. My wife and I both desire hearing our local fm so I always do what ever is necessary.
In the Honda Pioneer I just simply have a Milwaukee 18V packout in the back and it does well.
In the Kubota RTV it is a cheap Marantz with a standard auto antenna and also does well so you can see the signal is not all that bad.
The new Polaris would only pick up one channel and only if out in a clearing.
Just a few searches and I came across posts with folks having SOME success with RW , Recreational Watts
The do not currently offer a kit for our 1500's but I purchased one for a 1000 and thought I would give it a shot.
Probably the hardest part was figuring out how to remove the command module to connect the new antenna to. There are a couple little tricks that I could go back and capture some pics if anyone needs them.
The antenna mount included in the kit will not fit ours so I fabricated one from 16ga SS.
When I first hooked it up I stretched the antenna wire over the roof just to give it a try and had VERY mixed results.
It seemed as though when the antenna wire shifted around the roof, the reception would go from outstanding to terrible.
I was lost so I called RW and spoke with Rick and I sure was happy after I did.
He was first reluctant as he made it clear he knew nothing about a 1500 and had not even seen one but when I shared my situation of the signal coming and going as the wire moved about the roof he explained that there is probably power in the roof and antenna wire must be routed away from any power wires.
SO, for my first attempt to run the antenna wire I removed the front most skid plate. It was new so dirt to fall in my face.
I push the the lead out through an empty rubber boot in the dash, behind the master cylinder and booster down to the frame rail.
Tied along what is either the neutral cable or parking break cable and at the gas tank fished it on through above the steel skid plate (I was happy to see a steel one) and then up the back of the cab to the antenna.
The black wire nestles well between the back window and frame.
As mentioned in an earlier post my radios reception went from pathetic to as good or better than any thing else I have.
Thanks for information and the write up! I’m definitely going to be looking into this. Thanks!
Great write up thanks for taking the time. I'm going to check out RW as well to see what the kit looks like.