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E-tracks for trailer


New member
Mar 31, 2024
Just finished putting E-tracks on the trailer for over the tire tie downs. There are relatively narrow and was hard to center the tires exactly. Put a reflector at the front of the trailer in the center of the E-tracks, have a small mark on the windshield, hold my head up straight, line all three up as I drive on the trailer, 99 percent of the time am dead center over the tracks.
2000 lbs working load limit with a breaking limit of 4000 lbs. Since there a four separate tracks that is 8000 lbs working load. In addition to the screws I placed metal backing plates 6" by 6" on the bottom of the wood every 2 feet. Tried to place the plates where the idler, ratchet tie down and tire insert are going to be. My reasoning for this set up is the tie downs won't be on the suspension and much less prone to loosening with travel. Still have a few more screws to drive in.