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First thread


New member
Jun 11, 2024
Hi, just jumping in to this thread as I find way more support from riders/owners than dealers, especially with new machines. Picked up my 1500 Northstar Ultimate 4/5/24 and have 1,400 miles on it today. Love the machine, but problem list is growing. Flickering lights under ride command screen took 4 dealer visits to get the correct photos Polaris required for warranty coverage to replace ride command screen last Wednesday, June 5. Yesterday, June 10, the ride command replacement screen went totally black, except for gas gauge (reading went to 0%) and time on clock, but the time froze at 4:22! Got a check engine light when using the SM brand 4 pin trailer light connector and now, clutch rattles upon engagement into forward or reverse from a stop. My dealer seems pretty unaware of any of these issues and I currently am wondering if they replaced the ride command with a re-manufactured device last week. Other than that, it's a beautiful day!