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May 25, 2024
I may not have saved my previous introduction to the forum so I’ll try again.

We replaced a 2019 General 4 1000 with a 2 place XD last week. The general needed a repair/replacement of the transmission. The General served us well on trail rides in western states. The service manager noted a RBO rack, Thumper bumper with winch and a bed full of equipment. He mentioned that Polaris had a new machine capable of carrying heavier loads and more stock clearance . I was most interested in the steel wet clutch and amenities so we traded in the general.

We have returned to our seasonal home in Michigan . I have spent more time looking for turn signal options, rock sliders , and enclosures for the bed than riding so far. Michigan requires a parking brake and DOT tires for on road use in addition to the turn signals , glass windshield and wet wiper system.

I look forward to contributing to the forum and would appreciate any suggestions that have worked for you.



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