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I’m going to buy an Aluminum tilt deck trailer


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Oct 13, 2023
So measure the crew. It’s 16’ with tires. Tracks I suspect will add a couple more feet for sure maybe more.

Looking to get a 20’ aluminum tilt deck trailer.

I have a 24’ heavy duty trailer for my skid steer. It’s so damn heavy!

What are your thoughts? I’ve never had a tilt deck but I’d rather buy that than mess with ramps.
We have a 24' tilt deck that we haul a large skid steer with. It feels kinda weird the first time you load and unload but you get used to it. The only thing I don't like is loading with a wet deck in the rain. The tires don't have much grip on the wet wood. Need to bolt some old snowmobile tracks on or something. For my XD I bought a light weight aluminum tandem trailer with bifold ramps. It really works great.
I use an 18’ flat bed that has a single ramp that hinges down. It’s expanded/perforated metal so traction is good. Takes seconds to unlatch and fold down and back up. The ramp is the same width as the bed of the trailer.
Given all the salt and garbage they put on the roads in New England I finally picked up an enclosed trailer - ordered it a month ago, actually picked it up today. 20' long plus V nose, extended height and beavertail ramp (so I can get it in the door with tracks on). We'll see how it goes this winter. I have other uses for it the rest of the year, but the primary excuse was moving tracked machines in the winter.
I have an Aluma trailer with a bi-ford tailgate. Easy up and down with no ramps to bang around or store. I thought abought a tilt deck which would work fine for the Ranger but terrible for everything else I use it for.