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MSRP, no freight or set-up, 10% off all accessories which were installed for free. Like others have said there will be no deals on these for a while.
Ended up purchasing the Northstar Ultimate Crew for $45,369.00 + $899.00 for dealer prep. $3,231.00 below MSRP.
That's because it's silver.......they won't do that on Red ones because they are faster.
Just kidding of course, sounds like you may be the first one here to pay less than MSRP. Good for you, hope other have the same experience.
I got 2000 below msrp no dealer prep dealer gave me 1250 plus had a coupon for 750
Very nice! I called around 10 dealerships across the country and told each one to give me their best quote. About 7 got back to me with one. All except 3 were MSRP, one even quoted me MSRP + $3,000.00 dealer mark up with $1,900.00 prep. I had my local Polaris dealer quote me right at $47,500.00 and then the dealership I purchased mine from in Louisiana matched I69 Motorsports price at the $45,369.00