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Polaris Ranger 1500 XD Vs Xpedition 1000 . The Drag Race, The Results.


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Aug 6, 2023

Polaris Ranger 1500 XD Northstar Ultimate BONE STOCK Vs Polaris Xpedition 1000 XP5 with RPM Slip-On Exhaust, 32's and beadlocks, added ADV rear cargo parts and cargo rack.
Cool to see. Do being that much bigger and heavier it did very good. None of us will ever do this though.
Frankly, I would have expected worse. No question xpedition would be faster. Can’t even fathom what a rzr pro r would look like racing either of these machines. It would absolutely destroy both of them in a drag race. Different machines for different uses. I LOVE mine. Now seeing significant issues with xpedition hvac not heating cab well, I’m even happier. My XD cooks me. Easy to turn down or off. Hard to turn up when already at highest setting. For my purposes XD is perfect.
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It will be interesting to see what Gilomen Innovations will do with the 1500 tune. I would think that there is a lot more potential there than tuning the xpedition.