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Ride command screen locked in dark mode display.


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Mar 28, 2024
Ride command screen locked in dark mode. The settings for day, night and auto have all disappeared. Anyone else hace this happen or any solutions.
Mine switches between day and night for no reason. But never done what yours did.
Same as clubin. If I’m in the shade when I start it up, it stays in night mode for quite awhile before it decides to change. If I start it up in the sun, it’s fine. One thing I do is just run what I call the eye brow lights. As soon as I turn those on, it goes to day mode. It does usually stay in day mode if I turn those lights off within a few minutes. If I leave the switch in that position 24/7 I don’t have an issue. At least I know they’ll turn off after I turn the key off.
Yes, I have had this happen too. Like Mr C said, the light switch on any position but off will bring the modes back in the RC.
I had my ride command function like it should today.
I had the headlight switch in the off position before starting and then turned it back to the running light mode and the ride command display came back to daylight mode. Thanks for the help with this.
I had the same issue, the dealer didn't quite know what was going on. I went out after reading this post and started it with the light switch off and the RC now allows me to switch it to daylight mode. It seems like an odd "feature".....:)

In the first image, the display brightness was disabled. If you pressed the Polaris button, you could not interact with the "AUTO" checkmark or the "AUTO" button. Sorry that I do not have a pic of the "AUTO" ones disabled. I tried to re-create it but can't figure out the steps to get it back to the initial problem.

In the second image, I drove out of my garage and into the full sun, turned off the lights and restarted the machine, then I could interact with the "AUTO" buttons.


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Dear Mr. Polaris, it would be grateful if you could possibly download a fix for this boondoggle. I'm sure your wife RZR and kids General and Ranger would be greatly appreciative and then you could all go on an Xpedition. That would certainly make you an Ace.