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Mar 31, 2024
Have horizontal Lock and Ride rails on the headache rack. Looking to hang gas and water from the rail. Suggestions on hardware to insert in the rail to hold the Rotopax hanging unit. Any suggestions appreciated .
Not sure if you could use all 4 holes on the mounting plate of a rotopax mount, but you could use 2 of the holes. I do know that 3/8” strut nuts work in the rails. You can pick them up at a hardware store along with some 3/8” bolts the appropriate length or cut some longer ones down. I had to cut some short to mount my fire extinguisher on my headache rails. Eventually when I have time, I’m gonna make a drawing to a local fab shop to make me brackets like I had on my XP to mount rotopax. Those mounted in the lock and ride holes on the bed rails. Thinking I could do the same thing. I don’t have any pics of my old Ranger with the brackets, but I basically did the same thing on my sportsman.


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Thanks, think I will make a plate and mount between the two rails using the 3/8 strut nuts and mount the Rotopax in the middle of the plate.
I was thinking of doing the same. But after my shovel, axe, and fire extinguisher, I’m out of room. So gonna have a bracket made then drill my own holes, send out for powder coating. Call it good. Post some pics when it’s done. Love to see it.