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Tracks on a ranger 1500


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Oct 13, 2023
Any one have tracks on their ranger yet? I have a set of Mattracks that I was thinking to sell with my ranger xp. But Mattracks makes what I need to mount them on the ranger.

Nothing on my end. I don’t intend to add them because we just don’t have the volume of snow where I’m at that I would use them enough to justify the cost.
I believe the options are fairly limited - when I ordered my XD1500 I reached out to the manufacturers to see when they'd have tracks ready (I use my Ranger for snow grooming and maple sugaring, so more hours in winter with tracks than in summer for property maintenance):
Camso (formerly Tatou) responded: "I don’t think in the short term we’ll have tracks for that big vehicle. I don’t think the current platform can handle that."
Soucy's response was similar, but shorter ("no").

Gary and Willie over at ATVTracks.net (who have been AWESOME over the almost 15 years I've been dealing with them) said they were working on their own kit for "light use" (I'm assuming using Camso as a base, and with their own fit kit, but you've have to ask them).

I did not contact Mattracks as too many folks I know haven't had the best experiences. They may be great tracks, but I've looked elsewhere. If you try to swap them over please post how it all goes!

Given my use (pulling a drag) I do not think of as "light use" I'm jumping up to SVI / Duratracks. I've heard they are very robust, work very well, but are more expensive and heavier than Camso or Soucy. They are available to order currently (just announced last week!), but I do not know the lead time (I'll know shortly as I emailed them today to find out about ordering direct since my machine materialized).
Mattracks has everything I need to put these tracks on a 1500. Probably the way I’m going to go.