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Want your XD tinted for free?


New member
Oct 26, 2023
We are based out of Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, and would like to make some patterns of the new Ranger XDs!

If you have yours come in from the dealer, and you're not TOO far away from FDL, we will do it for you, for free!

Your choice of material, your choice of shade.

It will take us 3-5 days to complete the patterns. And really what it is, we tint your machine MANY different times to make sure we have everything done perfect. While I realize 3-5 days may seem like a lot, most machines we are able to get done in a day or two. Your machine will be returned to you in the same condition or better, of course with the windows tinted. We have on site detailing to clean your machine if needed. We also have locked, secured, and video monitored buildings that your machine will be locked inside of whenever the business is closed.

The only real "catches", you have to get your machine to us, and we can use photos and videos of your machine for marketing.

But you do get a professional tint on your new XD!

Let me know!
This is a great opportunity for someone to get a nice tint job and help out the Ranger XD community at the same time, a win-win!