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XD Pictures and Rides


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Aug 7, 2023
I thought it might be fun for the group to post pics and ride info, so I started this thread. We had several inches of new snow so thought we’d get out and enjoy it. Attached are a few of pics.
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Looks fun! How does the XD do in the sand? I’ve never taken my XP to any of our dunes in Oregon. But I think I’d like to take the XD to either our central Oregon dunes or to the coast after I get it and check it out.
Dropped air to about 10 pounds. Probably do better lower than that but she does just fine. I keep it higher because I run the pavement sometimes.
Are used to run my XP 1000 Ranger a lot lower. They both do fine in the soft sand. I will say the difference between the XD and the 1000 is totally a different ride.