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33” tires

Does anybody know if 33” tires will fit on my xd1500 northstar
I have 32 inch tires on mine and there is plenty of clearance. They don’t rub in any way shape or form. A lot of 33 inch tires measure less than 33, so they would likely fit under the official Polaris option. Polaris does say a 32 inch tire will fit and it is an option to upgrade to that. I think a true 33 would fit based on my 32 inch tires. Any larger than true 33 inch would have potential to rub on the front when turning. I know some have talked about doing a 35 inch (Kalon on the forum is doing 37’s, but with mods to fit) and I think there would have to be some modification to have 35’s work. Time will tell, as many are looking at larger tires.
What are guys using for the shock setting. Are you cranking them up a couple notches.
Does anybody know if 33” tires will fit on my xd1500 northstar
33's should work fine, as others have said there is plenty of clearance with 32's so another 1/2" will be ok. 505 Outsiders is running a 35" but those wheels do not look like the stock offset. I'm guessing those wheels are pushed out at least 2-3" which will make a difference.