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Back bumper


Feb 1, 2024
Other than the Polaris rear bumper, which really just looks like a steel reinforcement of tailgate, and the thumper, fab bumper, which restricts bed movement, I can’t find any others that fit. Anybody know of other bumpers that fit the 1500 XD?
I put the Polaris on mine. It is really too high to do a lot of good, but it is something. It will be a bit of a challenge to have one that sits low enough and have bed dump. Definitely a bed mount and then down but narrow enough to not hit tires or whatever. Someone will come up with something I am sure. We are early in the accessories game For this machine. A year from now there will be endless options for everything.
I had one on my last Ranger and it never saved me once. All it really did was block my camera which is a much better tool to keep you from backing into something. Just my opinion but it was the thought process I went through I got the XD.
I agree with you, big Red, but unfortunately, my wife has been known to drive mine