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Calling on phone doesn't work when bluetooth is connected


New member
Jun 30, 2024
I can connect my Samsung S23 and wife's Iphone 14 and play music. My wife's iphone won't call at all unless she disconnects. My Samsung will call from the Ride command screen but no audio. The audio is on my phone not the ride command. Anyone else have this issue?
I don't believe the Ride Command is a hands-free system like most vehicles are. Yes, you can see it on your screen but there is no mic to talk in to (that I know of) and your phone does not come through your stereo speakers. When I need to call, I just use my phone.
Well they shouldn't have the phone option. Pretty dumb. I tried to update the system also with no luck. Tried 3 USB devices, read the forums and the piece of shit won't read the USB drives. I told my wife I didn't want the ride command. Thought it would be junk and it is.
I wouldn't call the Ride Command junk because it doesn't do something you thought it did. It's been around for many years and there is plenty of information out there that shows what it does and how to use it. As for the software update, if it needs one ask your dealer to do it for you. I had mine updated a few weeks ago and didn't notice any changes except it now has buttons for cooled seats which must be a future accessory.