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Door pockets!


Active member
Feb 11, 2024
Finally someone made some actual door pockets for our machines. Mounting in the same location as the nets and using the factory hardware. S3 powersports is who branded them. Sold as a pair. 2 pairs ordered. There are options for different colors, some at an additional charge and extended lead time. I just went with the standard black.
Thanks for the heads up! Polaris should have done something like this instead of the cheap nets that don't hold squat.
Ya, I was a little bummed that they didn’t have the pockets like the XP’s do. I figured it would be a matter of time before someone developed something. I didn’t hesitate, and was a new subscriber so saved $ as well. I like the pockets for all kinds of stuff. Ammo, chew, snacks, gloves, etc.
Got the door pockets installed and I have to say it’s a nice upgrade. It a lot easier to get gloves, ammo, etc in and out. Also replaced the white logos on the wheels with black ones.
Mr.C those pockets look good on your rig. I'm thinking of getting them but I'm so damn tall I'm concerned they will push my legs inward a few inches which may make my seating position less comfortable. I wish they would have given me another 3" of leg room in this thing! If your 6'8" you know what I mean.
I’m no 6’8”, but I was concerned with it as well. But my legs don’t touch them. The little I’ve driven it on the property, I haven’t bumped or rested on them. Haven’t even noticed them installed besides grabbing my gloves.