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Fire Extinguisher


Staff member
Aug 7, 2023
I just added a couple of small fire extinguishers. I put one in my bed box and then mounted one under passenger seat where there is a nice unused space. I didn’t think to take pic and am not with rig right now. Has anyone else added anything and if so where? Would be interested to see and might mount my second small one inside if someone has ideas.
This is what I ended up doing for my extinguisher. Under and on the side of the passenger seat.


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I've never carried a fire extinguisher in my Ranger before, but with the history of RZR's and fires maybe I should. I keep a stadium blanket in my toolbox, and I could wrap it in it for safe storage.
In Oregon we’re required to carry one on a SxS. I’ll be mounting mine to the headache rack once it arrives.
I never knew any states required them, I just assumed some thought they had a good reason to carry one. Look what I learned today..........