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Fuel Capacity Range and Use of Premium Fuel

Fuel milage will vary greatly depending on what you do and what terrain you are driving on. I get about 200 miles on a tank but run mostly hard pack roads running 30-45 mph. As far as gas goes, I only run premium 91 octane, non-ethanol (sorry farmers) in my machine all year round. I'm not saying you have to, I'm just saying I give my baby the "Good Stuff" whether she needs it or not.
87 octane here. With ethanol. Because that’s the way it is in Canada. I can easily do a 120 mile evening ride on 1/2 tank. It’ll go further than a xp 1000. But our tanks are bigger.
strictly run fuel that is non ethanol (usually 91 oct) for reasons of ethanol ruining gas line and fuel system components. But I'm not sure about this new rig but my 2019 xp 1000 would not start running non-eth in the winter sub-zero temps, so i would do a half and half in the winter....... We will see how the 1500 starts in sub-zero temps this winter.....