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Hello everyone


New member
Jun 30, 2024
Just purchased the 2024 Ranger XD 1500 Northstar Ultimate. I've been riding ATVs and UTVs for years. Still have a 2011 50 in RZR that I refuse to get rid of. Had the RZR XP4 1000. Have a 2009 Goldwing Trike and VTX 1800 motorcycle. Just love being in the outdoors. Worried a little if it will fit in the 7x16 enclosed trailer. Has a 78 in door opening and the Ranger is supposed to be 78 inches. Maybe I'll have to buy a new trailer.
Welcome to the group, glad to have you on board! Your right 78" might be too tight to work, mine is 79 1/2" tall riding on 32" BFG KM3's. The stock tires might run small, so it is possible.