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Hello from Georgia


New member
Jun 6, 2024
Hello from Sweetbay Farm in Georgia.

We got our XD 1500 Premium 3-seater back in early January with the following Accessories:

Bumper Light Kit
Sun Visor
Front Receiver Hitch
Rock Sliders
Side View Mirrors
Cross Bed Rail
Upper Front Bumper
Tip-Out Windshield Kit
Hood Rack
Rear Bumper

It is the first enclosed cab SxS we have had on the farm, definitely loving the A/C in the Georgia heat! We have several other older Rangers, including an EV as well as an older ATP500 ATV.

Only complaints so far are LEAKS. I had to take it back to the dealer the day after we got it as it was leaking at the upper left corner of the windshield - all over my lap. I have attached a 1 second video of the leak. Had some buyers remorse due to that! 2 months later, it rained and filled up the cover under the wiper with water, which would then pour out of the cover and all over the dash when I started moving. Dealer got that resolved as well. Now it is leaking again, seems to be accumulating water on the cord going to the passenger door, then dripping down the seatbelt once I start moving. I have looked/felt all around the roof above the cord/seatbelt, and have found no damp areas - this one is a bit more of a mystery.

Looking forward to finding a lot of helpful information on the forum - anxiously awaiting basic black fitted floormats for it. I like the Decked Out Factory mats, but don't anything quite that nice under my muddy boots.


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Welcome, I’m sure the A/C is nice for down there. Sorry to hear about the water leaks. I haven’t experienced anything significant yet. Been in some light to medium rain and washed it a few times. Hopefully you get it figured out.
Welcome to the forum! The only time mine leaks is when I wash it, seems to come from behind the rear view mirror. No troubles in the rain, only when it's sitting and the water sheds forward from the roof. At 50K NO ONE should have a leaky windshield.