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Hello from Ohio


New member
Jun 17, 2024
Spent my childhood on dirt bikes, 3 wheelers, and quads. Was a fairly good competitor in Trials and GNC but that was a few minutes ago. Had an 04 Rhino and an 05 700 Ranger and then one after another side x sides. Was one of the leaders in a very early Ranger club called PRC. Polaris provided us with loaners for 5 or 6 years. We met and rode all over the US, held numerous rallies at Ride Royal Blue and Windrock. They even gave us Rangers to give away at the rallies. We mastered breaking them and putting bandaids on to escape the forests. Flew us to Minneapolis half dozen times during RZR development as we were some of the pioneers and had the real world experience to share.
Was AWAYS accompanied by my wife and special needs son.
PRC changed hands and was modernized by new ownership. There were many new clubs starting and Polaris sponsorship dried up.
Purchased Honda 1000 Pioneer in 16 which we still cruise our 63 acres with it and Kubota RTV. Both have over 4000 miles and both have had zero hiccups.
Recently, we were in pursuit of a Kinetic as we enjoy quite. Stumbled onto to the 1500's and was totally wowed. Fit/finish, the manners of the transmission, and also pretty darn quite. Home run for us, wrote 50 k check and really enjoying this ride.
We enjoy listening to our local FM and this was the machines first glitch. Purchased an amplified antenna kit from RW for a 1000 and figured out a route for the wire, went from 2 fuzzy stations to 30+ clear ones.
The reason I wandered onto this site was my researching a code it threw which was different than any listed here and I believe to be a non issue. Though a little combersum to navigate Polaris help line did a good job helping me understand what I was seeing. Told me it was because key was all the way on too long without engine running sending eps code. EPS shuts off after 10 minutes so not sure why that would throw codes?????
Wrench popped up @ 25 hrs but manual says first service at 200. Same Polaris person told me that was to remind me to check all fluids. Couldn't find it in the manual????
Maybe I am missing it but I also can't find how to turn the flashing maintenance wrench off. Know how to do a 1000 but this 1500 doesn't have same menu options.
Polaris has always been a leader in R&D but also struggled with placing them into production before the bugs are worked out and that's what makes these forums invaluable to them and of course to those of us that use them.
Thank you for this forum , oneal
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Glad to have you aboard oneal and look forward to sharing what little knowledge I have. The wrench is a mystery to me too.....it was off after my first service (last Friday) and Ride Command update now it's back?? Don't know why. I would be very interested to know more about the RW antenna booster you are referring to, the FM reception just sucks on these rigs.
O’Neal, sounds like you have quite the experience with machines. Glad to see you be a member. Same as big red, interested in the antenna booster.