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Hello from Reno Nevada.


New member
May 19, 2024
I'm on my 8th Polaris purchase since 2007 and in someway very happy with my XD Crew Ultimate, and in other ways very disappointed. For one of the most expensive SxS on the market, the quality and use of simple Polaris stock shocks is a big let down. I purchase a 2023 RZR Trails S for my daughter and even it came with Fox adjustable shocks. Some of the other issues I've been experiencing are about all the same as mentioned in the Forum already, i.e. Dark Ride Comand, seat back keeps coming off (resolved issue), dash fitment, heat in cab from un-insulated piping in the floor. QC issues Polaris needs to resolve for a a 50K machine.
Welcome to the group lorenjay from Reno Navada!
Shocks are no big deal to me as I think it works and plays well with the stock set-up. That said I really agree with the heat from the tunnel, that should have been addressed by Polaris. I also get too much leakage in the cab. In the winter I can feel cold air coming through the door latch area and the steering column. Now that it's nice out when I drive down gravel roads with the windows down it sucks in dust. While I'm complaining I hate that little AC button that you can't see if it's on or not. Much prefer the rocker switch that my old Ranger had.