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It's a Family thing.........

Big Red

Well-known member
Sep 27, 2023
So I ordered my Ranger last August and brought it home in early January. Both of my brothers have XP1000's and wanted to see what the big deal was about the 1500 XD. Both had a chance to drive mine and check it out. Neither one got too excited since one was only a year old and the other one doesn't get much use and was like new. So, starting in June Polaris put a $3000 trade in bonus on used machines and they both jumped. Brother #1 bought a 2 door camo Ultimate. Brother 2 bought a 4 door Sunset Red Ultimate. So now we have 3 in the family in a 5 mile radius. I see a family ride in our future.
That sounds fun. My brother does mountain bikes. Only when I need to for hunting purposes, lol.