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Lock & Ride MAX mounting options for the XD 1500

Big Red

Active member
Sep 27, 2023
I haven't seen or read much about our choices to mount things to the new Lock & Ride MAX bed rails. I used 3/8" carriage bolts to secure my new toolbox which worked well, but the square under the round head protrudes slightly above the rails. This wasn't an issue for the toolbox because of the foam underneath the box. The only other things I have found was T-Nuts from Thumper Fab and Lock & Ride MAX anchors from Koplin. Interesting enough Kolpin says they work for the Expedition but not for the Ranger 1500 XD. I'm sure they are the same rail so they should work fine. Seems to me Polaris is missing an opportunity to have more offerings for their rail system. Has anyone found anything else to use?
What about a toilet bowl flange bolt it has a flat oval head that might fit.
I didn't think of that, it needs to either hit the side of the track or pull up into the grove to prevent it from rotating when it's tightened down. I have some 5/16" T-bolts that work because the head is longer than the track is wide, so it stops when rotated. I really think the Kolpin is the best solution I've seen so far; it functions just like the Polaris hold downs do.
I was gonna try using 3/8” strut nuts and 3/8” bolts. I haven’t gotten around to testing it though. But if those are to big, I’m sure 1/4” stuff would work fine. Then just a fender washer under the bolt head.
I was able to use a 3/8” bolt and strut nuts to mount my fire extinguisher to the tool rails of the head ache rack. Due to the spacing, it’s mounted diagonal at the moment. I’ll tweak it more. Just wanted to be legal for Sunday. Kind of hard to see with the saw and gas cans.


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