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New Videos/Reviews

Compares XD to GMC Canyon. Really apples and oranges, but interesting that a side by side is now advanced to the point it solicits comparisons to a truck.
New video. Nothing really new, but hoping they are creating a buzz due to release soon.

A new review. Learned a couple of things. For example, first time I have heard what expected transmission life is. He says 50k. That is a lot of UTV miles! So excited to get this machine! Wish Polaris would get this coming. Late summer is history so they missed that.
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Good on you! I thought his answer was reasonable. Frankly, pretty brave of him to do a Q&A at all. So many people just have to find fault vs ask insightful questions.
I had to chime in on this video, I'm tired of all the haters who are just pissed they can't afford one. The truth is most of the people ordering one of the XD's are already in $30-$35K machines before they started adding tires, lifts, lights and so on. So yes, it's expensive but so are so many other toys (boats, bikes, campers)