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Ride Command issue

Big Red

Well-known member
Sep 27, 2023
Well yesterday my radio kept going in and out like I was losing reception. Sometimes it was fine, then it would go completely silent, then back to in and out like it was losing reception. Tried every station I had programmed, and all had the same problem. Next, I streamed music from my phone and had the same problem so ok it's not radio reception. Started and stopped the XD 5-6 times throughout the day with the same issues. On the last ride home, it worked fine for 10 miles. Got up and took it for a spin and it was fine for about 5 minutes then the same shit all over again. I also noticed my buttons under the screen would flicker on and off with similar frequency of the radio. (The lights used to do this when I first got the machine) Not sure if I want to tear into it to see if I have a loose connection or if I just want to take it to the dealer.
I noticed this weekend that my buttons under the screen were blinking this weekend. With a warranty, I’m waiting until the rear stereo comes in to have it dealt with. I didn’t have any issues with the radio. Besides one time it would not connect to my phone. Tried several times, and it finally connected.
Update - As of Sunday I no longer get any sound out of my speakers at all. Dealer called Polaris they seem to think it's an AMP problem and are sending out a new one. Hope to get it fixed within the next week........and hope it solves the problem.
Off to the dealer tomorrow to see if the amp is the problem.......I'll keep you posted in case anyone else has a similar problem.
Just got back from the dealer and the amp was not the problem. They replaced the Ride Command module and it solved the problem. The service manager told me Polaris knows about the lights under the screen turning on and off and are working on a fix. I asked about the transmission problem that some are having not wanting to climb hills, he said they have not had any issues with this in their shop and didn't know anything about it.
Thanks for update. I’m gonna take mine in soon for a break in fluid change and all software update. Whether it’s engine, transmission, ride command, etc. I have hunting, scouting, seasons coming up, and I can’t afford to be without my machine. I could use my truck, but would rather not on some of the places I plan on getting to, to drop in.