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Running tracks and adjusting speedometer and odometer?


Active member
Oct 13, 2023
On my 20 ranger I bought a speedo healer it was set to 40% to adjust for the tracks. Is there any settings in the 1500 that allow you to do this?

I run tracks a good part of the year. If I don’t adjust the speedometer it racks the miles in so fast!
I haven’t seen any tracks for the 1500 besides the dura clutch brand. Which is a little rich for me for how little I’d use them. Doesn’t look like camso or Polaris have any available yet.
I have a set of Mattracks I had on my xp1000 that I bought the conversion kit from Mattracks for the xd 5 bolt.

I just sent these guys a email. They’re the guys I always used.