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Securing 2024 1500XD Crew Cab


New member
Mar 31, 2024
Looking for advise on securing ride on trailer. Have looked at Erickson chock tie downs, called company this AM and 4 tire kits is rated right at 3000 lbs. Spoke with Thumper Fab and their Miighty Tite is rated at 2500 lbs and costs a King's ransom. Any suggestions? Trying to avoid the loosening that comes with regular straps. Are E-Tracks strong enough with over the tire straps? What are you guys and girls using? Thank you.

8000 lb ratchet straps. One on each corner.
4 Pack 2 Inch Ratchet Straps Heavy Duty 20ft Tie Down Straps Ratchet with Double J Hook, 8000 LBS Break Strength, Cargo Ratchet Straps for Moving, Truck, Trailers, Motorcycles, Kayaks, Car Roof
I use 2” shock straps. I really like the shocks built in. It keeps tension when going over bumps and the tires/suspension compresses. One on each corner. I’ve only trailered mine twice so far, but no complaints.
Just make sure you buy straps strong enough for your Ranger. Break strength is not the number you need to size your straps. WLL (working load limit) is what the strap is truly rated for and is usually 1/3rd the breaking strength. The suggestions above are all good options and should serve you well.