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So I’m 50 next year what am I supposed to do for fun?


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Oct 13, 2023
Afternoon ride. We went to pick up supper 40 miles away.
Looks to me like you're doing it! You got great ride, wife, dog, refreshments, and a damn good looking pizza for supper. What more could a man ask for?
Sounds like a good time to me! Would love to take the ranger in for dinner or even work out of it.
Given the fact that I gotta spend the night in the hospital tonight (no big deal) I'd say that beats the hell out of mine! LOL
Either way, that’s never fun! Hopefully your home soon and cruising in the machine. And your leg isn’t bent out 90° like mine was a few years ago.
Good to hear! Wife has a broken foot right now, that we’re having to deal with. Downfall for me is, is that means cooking and doing dishes. Me cooking could be a downfall for her also, lol.