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Steering alignment

Jay B

Oct 14, 2023
My 1500 seemed to want to wander a bit going down the road, sometimes pulling left but usually pulling right. Also my steering wheel was turned about 10 degrees to the left while going straight. I checked air pressure, which was fine, and decided to check the front wheel alignment. Sure enough I had about 3/16" of toe in. I don't know what the official specs are for these things, but all the other Rangers I have owned called for 1/8" to 1/4" toe out. I adjusted to about 1/8" toe out and it feels quite a bit more stable. It also straightened out the steering wheel to almost perfect in the middle.
I just checked mine and it looks fine, wheel at 12 O'clock going down the road. My XP 1000 was horrible, the toe was fine, but the steering wheel was at almost 2 O' clock going straight. Had to remove it and remount.