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Stock Offset?

I am not sure what stock offset is. If AZxd happens to check in, he may know. He’s a wealth of info on these types of things.
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Anyone know what stock Offset is ... I think it's 6-1. Trying to decide on goin with 5-2 ....
I think they are 6-1 as well, if I remember correctly when I was looking at wheels for this machine that's what every site pointed me to. The XP 1000 runs a 6" rim in the front and an 8" on the back. I know the front rims on an XD is a 7" but don't know if they made the back rim an 8" or if they stuck with 7" all around. I don't understand why Polaris just don't "block" these units from the factory so all 4 wheels are the same.