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Turn signals


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Apr 1, 2024
I did a XTC turn signal kit last weekend it wasnt easy but got it done. I liked the thought of the self canceling turn signal. The instructions had tiny pics and were pretty poor. The video on how to get the dash apart from WD turn signals on y tube was helpful. My switch blanks across the top were full so I was going to use the bottom ones but guess what polaris made them a different size that sucked.


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I had XTC kits on my last 2 Rangers, overall, I was happy with them. They were not available when I did mine and went with MOTO something or another, I can't recall the name. They work great but the stalk is bulky compared to the XTC.
I had a Corbin kit installed in mine a couple weeks ago. I'm one of the few that doesn't want a stalk, but rather a toggle switch since I don't use them that much and I wanted to keep the other switches on that side easily accessible. It works great, and it has a timer that shuts off the blinker after 45 seconds if it gets left on.
That looks nice and clean where’s the license plate go? I just zip tied mine to drivers headrest for now
The plate goes under the bed on the left side with a traditional license plate holder. LED light for the plate.