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Water leak


New member
Jan 16, 2024
When there is snow sitting on the ranger and it melts I get water dripping down from the wiper area on the inside and can’t figure out where it’s coming in. Anyone else?
Check under the wiper blade where the shaft comes through the windsheild theres a rubber gasket tighten the nut so it is snug DON'T OVER TIGHTEN Hope this helps. Every windsheild I had with Polaris they leaked I thought they would get this one right.. If its a ultimate when you open the windsheild check the rubber seal make sure it's not curled or pinched at the top.
It’s dry on the inside where the shaft comes through but I’ll look it over
Windshield needs to be adjusted. Loosen the two 4mm Allen set screws on brackets. The use a 22mm wrench to turn the hinges. It’s tedious so take your time!!!!