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Your First Car?

Mine was a 1979 Ford pinto hatchback. My step dad did body and paint, so he completely straightened the body and did a paint job of black with silver pearl in it. I threw on some chrome rims and rocker panels, then a stereo system. I was driving my freshman year of high school, so myself and all buddies called it the pimpshow. Wish I still had my photos of it.
Mine was a Pea Green 1973 Ford Mercury Montego with 72,000 miles and a perfect body and interior. It was first bought by a local businessman and later sold to his bachelor brother who rarely drove it. I was 15 when I bought it for $800 which was most of what I had saved to that point in my life. Me and my brother used to trap back then, and I made enough that winter to pay for the car. Great first car but she was far from pretty.
74 ford maverick 2 door metallic brown. 200 in line 6 with 3 on the tree. Wish I still had that. They are so rare.
I like seeing all Fords. I also have to say, that for a 1979 Ford it was an automatic. Which was nice since my dad had an old 70’s ford with 3 on the tree that needed just the right amount of finess to get it to shift and it was duct taped to the column.
First car I ever purchased for myself though was a 1968 Chevelle... it needed a ton of work though.
A friend of mine had a 60 something Chevelle......several laws were broken in that car. Times were different then and the sheriff usually just took your beer and called your parents
Haven’t really had a chance to find out the range on mine. I also have 32’s and several added accessories. But I also run 91/92 octane ethanol free juice year around. Along with my saws, wood splitter, basically any small engines that don’t run all the time. Had issues with an on board generator in my toy hauler not using ethanol free and stabil fuel stabilizer. After not having power for a fishing weekend, and having to change the carburetor in it. Never had an issue again.