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Decked out factory floor mats for the 1500


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Oct 13, 2023
I ordered a set. With my company logo on them. These pics are off their Facebook page.

Those crew photos are actually my ranger and the quality of the mats i received are amazing! Definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some mats or even just adding a custom look to your interior
I believe they told me pricing can vary from about $300-$500 depending on what you want. I don’t think they have them up on their website yet so you have to just email or call them to order.
Thanks for the info!
I contacted them through Facebook. Then we exchanged emails.
My design I approved last week. Will post again when I get them in machine. I Assume they will be here in the next week…


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I think I’m gonna have to check these out. Looks like those will help with some sound deadening and maybe some heat transfer as well. How thick are they clubin?
Don’t have them yet. My educated guess would be ⅜-½”
Oh copy. Thought you had got them with the pictures with someone standing there. But now I see it must have been the shop taking the photos.
I would like a set but I'm not sure I could stomach the $300-$500 price tag mentioned earlier in this post. I only have a single cab so I'm guessing it would be in that $300 range. I don't think I'm tight with money but $300 for floormats?? Still thinking about it but I haven't quite got there yet.
They are definitely not free. They look extra nice though, so I think there is a value there. Mine shipped and will be here on Wednesday.

By the way, Red, I’m done spending! Haha
Sorry guys. I’ve been told too many times i have no concept of money.
Mine should be here this week, price was high, but quality is incredible. The company was great to deal with, also remote start is installed and works great.