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New member
Jan 9, 2024
Does anyone have a solution to picking up more radio stations? My Northstar only gets 1 channel. I see this has been an issue on the 1000's also. Seems there should be a better antenna.
I gave up on the radio, Polaris antennas suck and get crappy reception. I get maybe 3-4 stations but can't drive 20 miles without losing the station I'm listening to and have to change to a different one. I stream music from my phone usually Amazon Prime music where I have created several playlists.
Mine is a lot worse when you have the lights on. I ordered some ferrite beads to install on the power wires to see if it helps at all.
I am the same, I just blue tooth my phone. Radios in Polaris are certainly less than desirable as far as reception.
I can't figure out why Polaris can't get this right. I don't know if it's the antenna, the head unit or what their problem is. I had 2 Victory and 1 Indian motorcycle (Ride Command) with stereos and none of them would get decent reception. I tried new antennas on 2 of them with no luck. Every budget car on the road has this figured this out, but Polaris just can't seem to fix this problem.
My radio works wonderful until I turn on any lights. Headlights barely diminish the radio but light bars kill it completely.